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Publication List Using BibTeX in Octopress


I was looking for a nice way to use BibTeX within Octopress to generate my list of publications, and came across the jekyll-citation plugin.

It was fairly easy to setup, first simply install citeproc-ruby and bibtex-ruby gems by running

gem install citeproc-ruby
gem install bibtex-ruby

in the terminal, then add them to your Gemfile by adding the two lines:

gem 'bibtex-ruby'
gem 'citeproc-ruby'

then you should be set to use them with Octopress. To configure, I grabbed the IEEE format from the citation style language repository and placed it in plugins/ieee.csl, then I added these lines to _config.yml:

# BibTex Citation plugin
    citation_style: plugins/ieee.csl
    citation_locale: en

I was getting an error when using citation.rb, and it seems the issue was that it was reading the data as a string and not an array, and hence the .join method was failing. So on Line 31 in citation.rb I simply changed

  #content = super.join
  content = super

And now it works, no troubles. For instance the example

B. Brothman, Orders of value: probing the theoretical terms of Archival Practice, Archivaria, vol. 32, no. 1, 1991.

was generated using

{% bibtex %}
  title={Orders of value: probing the theoretical terms of Archival Practice},
  author={Brothman, B.},
{% endbibtex %}

Although it seems that to make a longer list I need to enclose each item in it’s own liquid block. So for now, it’s not the greatest solution.