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Feed Titles in Octopress Linked Lists


I’ve been experimenting with linklog customization using the 2.1 branch of Octopress. From what I can tell, there’s an error in source/_includes/feed_entry.xml.

To get the standard_post_marker to function correctly a la Gruber, where it shows up before the title of his post in the RSS feed, I needed to do some digging.

To fix, I think all that you need to do is switch

{% if linklog and site.linklog_marker_position_feed == 'before' %}
{% unless linklog %}{{ site.standard_post_marker_feed }}{% endunless %}


{% unless linklog %}{{ site.standard_post_marker}}{% endunless %}
{% if linklog and site.linklog_marker_position_feed == 'before' %}

or else the 2nd line in the original can never execute.

I opened up an issue on the Octopress GitHub repository. Yay for OSS!